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  • Vaz/DEAD split 7″ now available

    April 17th, 2014


    From Wantage/We Empty Rooms:

    At some point in 2012 the Australian band Dead hosted New York group Vaz for a tour of their continent. The tour was nice where the swimming and tunes were concerned. Commercially it failed. Vaz then toured Malaysia and Indonesia, had amazing curry and returned to NYC, aka HELL. This 7″ is the commemorative oversized-foam-hand-with-index-finger-pointed-skyward … if you follow, of those tours. It offers up two of our favorite bands of the past 5 or so years, in all their desperate, excellent glory.

    Dead, “like a vegan, southern hemisphere Motörhead”(but more crawling and pleasantly bitter, to these ears), and Vaz, who offer up Cold War paranoiac space rock. Desperate, fast, deftly-played and riffy without pandering to anything that could be called “stoner.”

    First edition. 313 total pressed.
    Letter pressed covers.
    The first 100 are limited to mailorder only and are printed on craft colored covers, and include an ultra-limited Dead and We Empty Rooms beer coaster.

    Available in our store.

  • Bludded Head “Bludded Death” limited edition cassettes available now

    April 16th, 2014

    bludded death frontFormed out of an appreciation for Henry Cow’s avant leanings, La Monte Young-inspired minimalism, and the power of sheer, punishing volume, Bludded Head approach metal with a focus on desperation rather than depravity. Exploring vulnerability while maintaining a hard-heartedness that is palpable, the sound is a wounded animal’s howl, a nerves-shot predator whose teeth find its prey in the dark.

    Founding member Nevada Hill has surrounded himself with formidable players throughout the various incarnations of the band, a cast that includes men and women involved with Tiger Hatchery, Terminator 2, John Zorn, Drug Mountain, Jandek, R. Stevie Moore, and Daniel Johnston to name but a few.

    Coming across like Codeine writing songs for Corrupted, Bludded Head are (very literally, trust us) a cancer-conquering force that collapses and devours all light at the end of the tunnel.

    Professionally dubbed and packaged in a 5 panel insert featuring a comic by 7 yr old Gillian Hill, with gold on gold tapes, a strictly limited edition of the second installment of the Bludded Head saga.

    “Doom bands come and go, many sounding similar to one another, with the greatest emphasis being placed on how far apart those gut-punch downbeats can be spaced; not so for Bludded Head, who seem in it to write, arrange and execute great songs, several worlds apart from the sameyness that characterizes many of their peers in the genre.”
    - Wm. Berger, WFMU

    Available now in our store.

  • Prizehog and Bludded Head together again for the first time

    April 13th, 2014

    Prizehog Bludded Head

    Like an intravenous injection of chocolate and peanut butter that goes straight to your heart, two great tastes that taste great together, as they say. If too much of a good thing exists, it is certainly found in this heavy pairing, friends.

    If you’re anywhere near Dallas on May 13 please be sure to equip yourself with high quality ear protection(safety first) and a few dollars with which to obtain the newest SGG releases(limited edition cassettes from both Prizehog and Bludded Head) and make your way to this venue while it is still standing.

  • ..and here is a shot of Prizehog with Mr. Belding just because..

    April 13th, 2014

    prizehog mr belding

    ..further evidence that Prizehog operate on an entirely different level..

    “RE-UNVENT THE WHOOL – Special Low Frequency Extended Version” available on SGG soon..

  • Igor Von De Heilichtson III descends upon NYC

    April 9th, 2014

    We’ve been trying like hell to get our man Igor to NYC for a while now. Looks like he’ll be at Acheron tonight and we’re hoping to get him something for Friday(but the sheer level of evil at work seems to be met with resistance even here in New York!). Either way, bask in the glory that is this classic clip..