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  • Ami Yamasaki, Nerve, Popejoy/Cochrane, Tripping Landlocked Infidels….live!

    December 12th, 2017


    Sleeping Giant Glossolalia presents:

    TRIPPING LANDLOCKED INFIDELS – absurdist percussion duo (Kevin Shea & Fritz Welch)

    CHRIS COCHRANE & STUART POPEJOY – electrified guitar/bass from Bassoon, Harvey Milk, Collapsible Shoulder contributors

    AMI YAMASAKI – (Tokyo) experimental vocalist explores spatial reflections and pure sound/listening

    NERVE (Hong Kong) blasts of fragmented and shattered electronics/beats from Steve Hui

    Doors Open – 8:00, Music Starts – 9:00
    GUTTER BAR, 200 N. 14th St, Brooklyn (Williamsburg)

    Chris Cochrane (guitar) has been active in the New York music scene since 1983. He has worked with a vast array of great artists, including John Zorn, Zeena Parkins, Billy Martin, Brian Chase, Andrea Parkins, Andrea Centazzo, T Bone Burnett, Marc Ribot, Fred Frith, Thurston Moore, Richard Buckner, Fast Forward, Gelsey Bell, Matthew Ostrowski, Kramer, Eszter Balint, Derek Bailey, Jim Pugliese, Annie Gosfield, Gordon Beeferman, Anthony Coleman, Ikue Mori, Richard Carrick, Jill Burton, Gino Robair, Michael Evans, Tom Cora, Ron Anderson and Bob Ostertag. He has composed music for dance and theater productions by Ishmael Houston-Jones and Dennis Cooper, John Jasperse, Nayland Blake, Circus Amok, and others. He is currently the band Collapsible Shoulder with Brian Chase, Kato Hideki and Kevin Bud Jones, and BEE LINE with Billy Martin and Kato Hideki.

    Stuart Popejoy is a bassist, keyboardist, composer and software developer, leader of the avant-riffmetal trio Bassoon, and collaborator in highly original projects such as Sugarlife , the Sarah Bernstein Quartet , and the electric improvisation trio Iron Dog . 2017 sees the release of the CD “Pleonid” on Leo Records. Stuart composed for and toured with Harvey Milk on their Special Wishes release, and works with stellar NYC musicians including Mick Barr, Kid Millions, Chris Cochrane, Brandon Seabrook, Kevin Shea, Ron Anderson, and Brian Chase. A native of Albuquerque New Mexico, Stuart lives in Brooklyn, NY.

    Fritz Welch is a drummer, percussionist and vocalist determined to stretch the escalator of possibilities into the bloodshot eye of results. He currently plays in EGO DEPLETION (with Adam Campbell), Lambs Gamble (with Eric Boros and George Cremaschi), and has a duo with Olivier Di Placido. He is a former member of Peeesseye and Asparagus Piss Raindrop, collaborates with choreographer Louise Ahl and performs in Maarten Seghers/Needcompany’s theatre piece ‘O’. A longtime Brooklynite of Texas origins, he is now based in Glasgow Scotland….

    Kevin Shea (drums) has been featured on 160 albums and has performed in 45 countries. He maintains a relentlessly prolific and polarizing presence with Talibam! (with Matt Mottel), Mostly Other People Do The Killing (with Ron Stabinsky and Moppa Elliott), People (with Mary Halvorson), Rhys Chatham, David Taylor, and countless other projects in the Avant-Garde, Jazz, Contemporary Music, and less superlative genres.

    Ami YAMASAKI is a vocalist and cross-media artist from Tokyo.
    Yamasaki creates installations, performance pieces and directs films. With primal vocals and movement, she explores the possibilities of a deeper understanding towards the mechanism of the world. In 2017 she was invited to New York by the Asian Cultural Council as a grantee. Her main solo shows include “Signs of voices” (2016, Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto), and group shows include “Tokyo Experimental Festival vol.09 ” (2014, Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo) “Exchange-planting a seed” (2013, Aomori Contemporary Art center, Aomori) and “Sonic City 2013 Liquid Architecture” (2013, RMIT, Melbourne). Her work is diverse and prolific; ranging from the collaborations with Keiji Haino, Yasunori Ikunishi, Akira Sakata, and Dairo Suga, workshops at The National Museum of Art Osaka, Arts Maebashi, and Sapporo City Kojo elementary school, as well as television appearances as a narrator and vocalist for drama.

    Steve Hui (“Nerve”) is an electronic musician from Hong Kong, presently in New York on a 4 month grant from the Asian Cultural Council. He recently performed in Lausanne Switzerland at the 2017 LUFF (Lausanne Underground Film Festival). “With a background in classical composition and ’90s rave culture, Hong Kong’s experimentalist Nerve explores the extreme sound experience by mixing electroacoustic, beat, bass, fx and rave samples into a new form of free improvisation performance. His high-speed finger triggering and knob twisting style generates a harsh yet danceable noise that can’t be categorized and moves beyond our imaginations.” (LUFF)

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  • Abasement 32 Monday night!

    December 11th, 2017

    abasement sgg

    Abasement 32
    Live (no particular order)
    – Keikouen
    – Charnel Ground (Chris Brokaw, Kid Millions, and co.)
    – Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski
    – Contours (P Holmes, A. Lafkas, N Jozwaik, B Wolff)

    DJ Mr Mike (Sleeping Giant Glossolalia)

    Monday December 11, 2017
    Doors at 7pm
    Basement of Max Fish, 120 Orchard Street L.E.S. / N.Y.C.

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  • Gaute Granli & Macho Blush in NYC with Final Boss, Child Abuse, + more!

    November 8th, 2017


    Gaute Granli(Norway) and Macho Blush(Texas) share a bill with Child Abuse, Final Boss, and Rodenticide at The Footlight in Ridgewood, Queens this Thursday.

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  • Monotrope “Unifying Receiver” out this week, release show with Marc Edwards/Mick Barr Duo, Unnatural Ways + more!

    November 8th, 2017

    Monotrope record release party at Park Church Co-op in Brooklyn, with support provided by Unnatural Ways(SGG debut forthcoming), Marc Edwards/Mick Barr Duo(also with a release in the works), and Mitch Cheney(Sweep the Leg Johnny) & Kevin Shea(Storm and Stress) November 3. LP, cassette, digital out November 10.


  • Brown Angel return to NYC! Stern, Opening Bell, & Skryptor also playing!

    October 18th, 2017


    We are thrilled to be bringing Brown Angel back to NYC for a rare live appearance. With support provided by Stern(who have a new album coming soon on SGG), Opening Bell, and Skryptor(which features members of craw, Dazzling Killmen, and STATS), this show is not to be missed.

    Saturday, October 28 7pm
    The Gateway
    1272 Broadway, Brooklyn


    Brown Angel’s “Shutout” LP has been the subject of ongoing critical acclaim since its release and is available in our shop.

  • Monotrope “Unifying Receiver” out November 10!

    October 18th, 2017

    Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 1.40.13 PM

    Monotrope exists in a realm of instrumental rock that is progressive in its musicality but punk at its core. Guitars intertwine in dissonant, polyrhythmic webs, while the rhythm section forges a propulsive, unrelenting path. Abstract yet intricate, Unifying Receiver rocks hard from the bird’s eye view; its six songs are emotive, guitar-driven works of struggle and catharsis, travel and arrival, tension and release.

    The title Unifying Receiver conveys a sense of monolithic potential and hope, despite things obviously not feeling all that hopeful lately… It resonates as a messianic entity in receivership of the sum total of the world’s filth and misery. By facilitating in the processing of the world’s most base, darkest elements, it effectively alleviates and transcends, bringing the world together on commonalities instead of points of division… Which is effectively what people do in some capacity, every day. Seeing and experiencing various degrees of beauty and misery, processing it all, and hopefully finding ways to weave tighter bonds with others and ourselves in the process.

    Monotrope is dispersed wide across the USA, representing California, Texas, Ohio, and Maryland. Guitarist Ed Ricart is known from bands such as Hyrrokkin and Matta Gaga. Bassist Matthew Taylor is a member of Bellini, and worked for years as art director for Touch & Go Records, designing iconic album layouts for the label’s revered roster of bands. Ricart and Taylor are flanked by guitarist Dan Wilson (ex-Hurl) and drummer Joe Barker (Unraze, Tigon).

    Own the record November 10, 2017 on cassette via SGG and on vinyl courtesy of New Atlantis.

    RIYL: Chavez, Slint, Ali Farka Toure, U Srinivas, Rodan, Don Caballero, Unwound

    Monotrope is:
    Joe Barker – Drums
    Matthew Taylor – Bass
    Dan Wilson – Guitars
    Edward Ricart – Guitars

    Engineered by:
    Bill Skibbe @ Key Club Studios. Benton Harbor MI
    Edward Ricart @ Ambition Sound, Yellow Springs OH

    Additional Engineering by:
    Britt Robisheaux @ Cloudland Recording, Fort Worth TX
    Matthew Taylor @ Garage Mahal, Dallas TX

    Mixed by:
    Tim Green @ Louder Studios, Grass Valley CA

    Mastered by:
    Carl Saff @ Saff Mastering, Chicago IL

    Art Direction & Design by:
    The Designers Republic
    (Aphex Twin, Auteche, Pulp, Pop Will Eat Itself)

    Pre-order HERE.

  • AFC in NYC….

    August 25th, 2017

    It was such a pleasure hosting AMPS FOR CHRIST & friends here in NYC recently. Barnes, the wise man himself, he of MAN IS THE BASTARD, BASTARD NOISE, etc, blew minds and broke hearts with his songs and noise and homemade instruments and great energy. Can’t wait to have him back.


  • Microwaves & Couch Slut split 12″ out in September, taking orders N O W !

    August 25th, 2017


    The perfect pairing. Brooklyn’s most maniacally raw agitators and Pittsburgh’s paranoia-fueled, cybernetic no-wave grinders sharing one slab of 12″ vinyl with eye-gouging screen printed jackets.


    With so much contemporary “heavy” music seemingly drawing from the same fountains for influence, Couch Slut are a breath of fresh air, with their truly unique voice projecting loud and clear above the din. While comparisons to Oxbow, Darkthrone, Today is the Day, Swans, Unsane, and even Failure might not be off the mark in terms of inspiration, the execution is carried out in a fashion all their own. Unsettlingly direct lyrics and vocal deliveries that command attention, alongside songwriting that is both menacing and memorable.

    Couch Slut offer two new tracks exclusive to this release. First up is a bombed-out, doomed rendition of Steely Dan’s “Babylon Sisters”, followed by the blistering original “Dorothy”, a favorite from the band’s pummeling live sets.

    Microwaves, being long-time favorites here at SGG HQ, and we think it fair to say, an influence on Couch Slut(though in no obvious way), have been carving out their own path long enough to know how to expertly fill one side of a record with no filler. The musicianship is rivaled only by the tension seething from these three tracks, one being a brand new assault, another being a reworking of a classic Microwaves burner, and finally, a faithful, if demented(faithfully demented?) take on Voivod’s “Ravenous Medicine”.

    It has been extremely exciting to see and hear this release come together and we are proud to bring it into the world for fans of uncompromising, visceral sound.

    Limited pressing. Heavy, handmade jackets with artwork by Shawn Knight. Mastered by James Plotkin. Available here.

    *Please note: While Microwaves and Couch Slut will have limited copies available at upcoming shows, this record will begin shipping to mail order customers and finer shops beginning in mid-September.


    COUCH SLUT will be touring in support of both this release and their full-length, also out now. If you are within spitting distance of one of these cities, prepare yourself for a beating and get to a show.

    couch slut tour

  • Amps For Christ and guests announced!

    August 19th, 2017


    Very happy to be hosting Amps for Christ here in NYC at long last, and in the most perfect setting, that 100+ year old church in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Joined by Gun Outfit, Drunken Foreigner Band(members of Sunwatchers), and Not Guilty(members of VAZ, Myriaid, Columboid), this is sure to be one for the books.

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  • Brown Angel live actions!

    August 18th, 2017

    Rare BROWN ANGEL live appearances before year’s end, the first of which is tonight with Dälek! More info to come, but put this information wherever crucial information is stored!


  • Amps For Christ in Brooklyn on Sunday…

    August 17th, 2017

    More info to come, but for now…Amps For Christ in that big, old, beautiful building is what you need to know….


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  • Multicult on tour in August & September! Select dates with VAZ!

    August 8th, 2017

    multicult aug sept

    Multicult covering lots of ground in August and September! A couple dates with VAZ, even! Many solid lineups here, take a look:

    8/22 Los Angeles @ Zebulon w/ VAZ, Prissy Whip
    8/23 San Francisco @ Hemlock w/ MOUTH, PRAYING
    8/24 Oakland @ Golden Bull w/ Reptoid, Surplus 1980
    8/25 Portland @ Kenton Club w/ MAXIMUM MAD, Law Boss
    8/26 Seattle @ Victory Lounge w/ Dry T-Shirt Contest, Glose, Voycheck
    8/29 Des Moines @ Vaudeville Mews w/ BLOOD SPELL, Gleaner
    8/30 St Louis @ Foam w/ Yowie, Vincas, Concentrator
    8/31 Minneapolis @ Triple Rock w/ Gay Witch Abortion, VAZ, Vincas, TONGUE PARTY
    9/1 Detroit @ UFO Factory w/ Child Bite, Vincas
    9/2 Nashville @ Blackbird Tattoo w/ Husband stitch, Vincas
    9/3 Austin @ Beerland w/ Vincas, SUPER THIEF, Art Acevedo, Pfisters
    9/4 San Antonio @ Limelight w/ Spokesmodel
    9/22 Washington DC @ St. Stephens w/ Pageninetynine, Majority Rule, H O M O S U P E R I O R
    9/29 Pittsburgh @ Mr. Roboto Project w/ Majority Rule, Soul Glo, LIFES, Mere Phantoms