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  • Prizehog is doing a cool thing with C Average

    November 4th, 2014

    Prizehog are playing this very special show. If you’re in Portland, give in to the cave rage. Here’s the scoop:

    Olympian sonic-behemoths, C AVERAGE, have a long and storied lineage…and they’re BACK!!! Bringing with them a unique-brand of metal to the quaint village of Portland for this VERY special occasion.

    C Average (WA – Kill Rock Stars) –

    Prizehog –


    8pm // 21+ // $7 COVER

    RSVP here

    caverage prizehog

  • OLDEST conjured an unexpected live fertility ritual in Brooklyn. There were cupcakes and veggie burgers.

    October 29th, 2014

    Pretty insane that OLDEST played a surprise set at the release party for Brooks Headley’s new book, Fancy Desserts, the other night. But then again, it makes perfect sense. Great sets from Mossenek and Music Blues also pictured at the link below. Thanks Mick Barr and Brooks for bringing the beast to life!

    Photographic evidence via Basements & Blastbeats here.


    Check out the OLDEST album here.

  • Multicult “Foreign Object” Video from new LP

    October 29th, 2014

    Although we’ve had copies of the LP for mailorder early birds and the band has had copies at shows we’re happy to announce that fine shops everywhere will have the new Multicult masterpiece “Variable Impulse” in stock next week. In celebration we offer visual stimulation in the form of a video for the track “Foreign Object” that is sure to answer questions, ask more, and possibly avoid some altogether. Feast eyes:

  • Vaz and Nadja in Berlin!

    October 26th, 2014

    vaz nadja

  • Brooks Headley of OLDEST releases a cookbook, a tasty pummeling ensues

    October 26th, 2014

    Both members of OLDEST are performing tonight. Mick Barr as, well, Mick Barr, and Brooks Headley as part of Music Blues, the new project from Harvey Milk’s Stephen Tanner. Come have a feed.

    music blues release

  • “Reign in Bludd” praised from sea to putrid, stinking sea…

    October 9th, 2014

    India, the Netherlands, Missoula, Montana, even here in NYC…overwhelmingly positive responses coming from all corners.

    Pigs in the streets, but the streets belong to Bludded Head.

    Let it wash over you HERE.

    bludded head gillian

    A small sampling of the astute music journalism from around the globe which sings the praises of Bludded Head:

    “…a huge gain in expressive range over its predecessor, with quieter moments of minimalist dissonance—like claws on a dungeon floor—that only heightened the impact of the heaviest passages, where violently bowed strings battled bone-crushing chords and blasts of howling, atonal feedback.”

    “..stripped down, primitive and expansive, it’s like some new, feral Americana.”

    “ atomic drop of sludge metal shoegazery bound to make audiences bang their heads with the plodding energy of patients in a malarial sanitarium ward.”

  • Bludded Head cover “Pea” by Codeine

    October 8th, 2014

    Bludded Head covering “Pea” by our friends in the awe-inspiring and legendary NYC band Codeine.

    A version recorded by Nevada Hill solo appears on “Reign in Bludd”.

    A full-band recording of the song will appear on an upcoming release.

    Go see BH on tour(dates below)!

  • Vaz European Dates: Update(Shows with Rhys Chatham, OvO, Nadja, Child Abuse + more)

    October 6th, 2014

    vaz eurosears4/10 CZ, Praha @ 007 (w/ HAMMERHEAD, Qui)
    6/10 CZ, Pardubice @ Sokol Rosice
    7/10 AU, Vienna @ Fluc
    8/10 CZ, Brno @ Vegalite
    9/10 SK, Bratislava @ Fuga
    10/10 HU, Szeged @ Jazz Koczma
    11/10 SL, Ljubjanna @ Channel Zero

    12/10 — sl, cr, it – OPEN FOR BOOKING

    13/10 IT, Torino @ tba
    14/10 IT, Milano @ tba
    15/10 IT, Bologna @ Freakout Club w/ OvO
    16/10 CH, Geneve @ L’Usine
    17/10 FR, Clermont-Ferrand @ Raymond Bar
    18/10 BA, Getaria @ Gaztetxea
    19/10 BA, Gorliz @ Xurrut
    20/10 FR, Bordeaux @ Le Wunderbar
    21/10 FR, Paris @ Instant Chavirez (w/ RHYS CHATHAM, CHILD ABUSE)
    22/10 FR, Rennes @ Bar’Hic
    23/10 FR, Pau @ Localypso
    24/10 FR, Montaigu @ tba
    25/10 FR, — need help, hit us up if you can!!!
    26/10 BL, Brussels @ Magasin 4
    27/10 NL, Leiden @ Sub
    28/10 DE, Solingen @ Weldmeister
    29/10 DE, Hamburg @ Komet
    30/10 DK, Aalborg @ 1000 Fryd
    31/10 DE, Halle @ tba
    1/11 DE, Leipzig @ Liwi
    2/11 DE, Berlin @ Bei Ruth w/ NADJA

    More info and RSVP here

  • Bludded Head “Reign in Bludd” release & west coast tour

    October 5th, 2014

    Pre-orders for the new Bludded Head 12″ EP, “Reign in Bludd”, can be accomplished RIGHT HERE.

    Limited edition, 180g vinyl, deluxe UV matte jackets, printed inserts, and purely analog in every step of the recording and production processes, with a download included.

    reign in bludd LP

    Recorded at Electrical Audio in Chicago at the completion of an East Coast tour and in the midst of frontman Nevada Hill’s battle with life-threatening cancer, “Reign in Bludd” picks up where “Bludded Death”(released earlier this year via SGG) left off in terms of desperation and, ultimately, true catharsis.

    Still present are the contributions of Hill’s young daughter Gillian in both concept and presentation and, on this record even more so than on previous efforts, that presence carries an undeniable weight given the circumstances under which these songs were conceived. Time is stretched further, space is torn farther apart.

    Included is a cover of “Pea”, by our friends in the beloved and legendary NYC group Codeine, a song that means even more to us now knowing the relationship Nevada has had with it throughout his treatments.

    Bludded Head’s finest moment captured on the perfect format.
    Bludded Head will be hitting the road in support of Reign in Bludd next week so acquaint yourself with the dates below.

    **ATTN LOS ANGELES AREA RESIDENTS: We need a new venue for October 13 as Handbag has become unavailable. Get in touch! HEPA/TITUS featuring Kevin Rutmanis of The Cows, Melvins, Tomahawk, Teenage Larvae, etc are also on the bill.

    bludded west coast tour

  • Vaz European Tour Dates

    September 16th, 2014

    vaz promo

    (A couple of holes here so get a hold of us if you have ins or ideas!)

    4/10 CZ, Praha @ 007 (w/ Hammerhead, Qui)
    7/10 AU, Vienna @ Fluc
    8/10 CZ, Brno @ Vegalite
    9/10 SK, Bratislava @ Fuga
    10/10 HU, Szeged @ Jazz Koczma
    11/10 SL, Beltinci @ Ambasada

    12/10 — sl, cr, it – OPEN FOR BOOKING

    13/10 IT, Torino @ tba
    14/10 IT, Milano @ tba
    15/10 IT, Bologna @ Freakout Club
    16/10 CH, Geneve @ L’Usine

    17/10 — fr – OPEN FOR BOOKING

    18/10 BA, Azkoitia @ Matadeixe
    19/10 BA, Gorliz @ Xurrut

    20/10 – fr – OPEN FOR BOOKING

    21/10 FR, Paris @ Instant Chavirez (w/ Child Abuse)
    22/10 FR, Rennes @ Bar’Hic
    23/10 FR, Paul @ Localypso

    24/10 – fr – OPEN FOR BOOKING
    25/10 – fr – OPEN FOR BOOKING

    26/10 BL, Brussels @ Magasin 4
    27/10 NL, Amesterdam @ tba
    28/10 DE, Dusseldorf @ Slowboy
    29/10 DE, Hamburg @ Komet
    30/10 DK, Aalborg @ 1000 Fryd
    31/10 DE, Halle @ tba
    1/11 DE, Leipzig @ Liwi

  • A Minor Forest & Prizehog conquer the Northwest together

    September 15th, 2014

    AMF Prizehog

  • Music Blues L I V E

    September 3rd, 2014

    Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 5.04.01 PM
    MUSIC BLUES, a new project from Stephen Tanner of Harvey Milk, joined by Brooks Headley of OLDEST, Born Against, MRP, UOA, etc, and Ben Greenberg of Uniform, Pygmy Shrews, etc will be performing at the opening of Rose Johansen’s debut exhibit this coming Wednesday at 558 Gallery in West Chelsea – 558 21st Street.

    Danish born illustrator Rose Johansen who now resides in America uses ink on paper to create fine detailed images that takes inspiration from the complexities of human anatomy. This will be Rose’s first show in the US and will include various drawings focusing on the human body along with its interaction with other organic materials and uncommon objects.

    The event starts at 7pm and finishes at 10pm, Music Blues play at 8pm.

    For more info on Rose Johansen –

    Also, a live session from Music Blues on Brian Turner’s program on WFMU can be found HERE.