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  • Amps For Christ in Brooklyn on Sunday…

    August 17th, 2017

    More info to come, but for now…Amps For Christ in that big, old, beautiful building is what you need to know….


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  • Multicult on tour in August & September! Select dates with VAZ!

    August 8th, 2017

    multicult aug sept

    Multicult covering lots of ground in August and September! A couple dates with VAZ, even! Many solid lineups here, take a look:

    8/22 Los Angeles @ Zebulon w/ VAZ, Prissy Whip
    8/23 San Francisco @ Hemlock w/ MOUTH, PRAYING
    8/24 Oakland @ Golden Bull w/ Reptoid, Surplus 1980
    8/25 Portland @ Kenton Club w/ MAXIMUM MAD, Law Boss
    8/26 Seattle @ Victory Lounge w/ Dry T-Shirt Contest, Glose, Voycheck
    8/29 Des Moines @ Vaudeville Mews w/ BLOOD SPELL, Gleaner
    8/30 St Louis @ Foam w/ Yowie, Vincas, Concentrator
    8/31 Minneapolis @ Triple Rock w/ Gay Witch Abortion, VAZ, Vincas, TONGUE PARTY
    9/1 Detroit @ UFO Factory w/ Child Bite, Vincas
    9/2 Nashville @ Blackbird Tattoo w/ Husband stitch, Vincas
    9/3 Austin @ Beerland w/ Vincas, SUPER THIEF, Art Acevedo, Pfisters
    9/4 San Antonio @ Limelight w/ Spokesmodel
    9/22 Washington DC @ St. Stephens w/ Pageninetynine, Majority Rule, H O M O S U P E R I O R
    9/29 Pittsburgh @ Mr. Roboto Project w/ Majority Rule, Soul Glo, LIFES, Mere Phantoms

  • Upcoming live actions this summer…

    August 2nd, 2017


    FINAL BOSS with Many Blessings(Ethan from Primitive Man, Vermin Womb solo electronics) & Swollen Organs(Jimmy A of The Communion) at Flowers For All Occasions in Brooklyn, Saturday August 5, FREE

    RSVP here.FLYER

    *Xaddax consists of Nick Sakes (ex- Dazzling Killmen, Colossamite, Sicbay) and
    Chrissy Rossettie (ex-My Name Is Rar-Rar, The Hex)

    “Kinetic No Wave-y 2 piece – Sakes’ jagged guitar parts and howls lurch across the backdrop of Rossettie’s haywire electronics, meandering synth, and frenzied drumming. The result is erratic and wild; a malfunctioning robot / injured werewolf hybrid.”

    *NONZOO (Chicago) – “A good planet to take the kids. Frenetic warping noise rock pet exhibit for childlike adults, mature children and all variegated unclassifiables* in between. A meditation on learning, self-improvement, obedience, nutrition pellets, tail-grafting, and basketball.”
    “A dialogue between four dollops of sentient astronaut feces.”

    *Opening Bell – boys meet girl, boys + girl continue together on a downward spiral of bad decisions, self-induced paranoia, and oppressive sound at high volumes

    * Vat of Acid – scuzzed-out mutant punk which has been deemed unsafe for human consumption

    performing L I VE at The Gateway
    1272 Broadway
    August 31
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  • Opening Bell/Nycterent split release party with Mossenek & Theologian…

    July 20th, 2017


    Sleeping Giant Glossolalia presents:

    Theologian – blackened synth-death, Hudson Valley

    Mossenek – members of Gorguts, Krallice, Oldest, All Scars, etc

    Nycterent – Portland, Maine sensory overload/empath-feedback agitators

    Opening Bell – rumbling & ranting from beneath the bunker

    465 Seneca Ave Ridgewood, Queens
    Doors at 7:45, music shortly after

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  • Next Friday!

    July 8th, 2017


    Peter Evans, Ron Stabinsky, Shayna Dunkelman (last)
    Marc Edwards & Slipstream Time Travel
    W-2 (Sam Weinberg and Chris Welcome)
    Isaiah Richardson Jr./Samantha Riott (1st)

    July 14, 2017 8pm
    Park Church Co-op
    129 Russell St, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

    **Marc Edwards is a free jazz drummer who has played and recorded with artists such as Cecil Taylor, Charles Gayle, David S. Ware, and Weasel Walter and with his own group, Marc Edwards Slipstream Time Travel, an afrofuturistic free jazz ensemble. Marc is a former member of Cellular Chaos.

    The New York City Jazz Record called his Sonos Gravis project a “conceptual merger of the New York Art Quartet, Black Sabbath and Last Exit, though despite signposts reflecting noise and free jazz, this music has little actual precedent”

    ** Peter Evans is an American trumpet player who has been a member of Mostly Other People Do the Killing, Zebulon Trio, Pulverize the Sound, and Premature Burial as well as his own Peter Evans Quintet. Shayna Dunkelman is a member of Xiu Xiu and has worked with John Zorn, Yoko Ono, Ikue Mori, etc.

    **W-2 consists of Chris Welcome(Flying Luttenbachers, Hot Date, Apocalypso, Mothguts, Mike Pride’s Drummer’s Corpse) and Sam Weinberg(Bloor, Maestro Day).

    ** Isaiah Richardson Jr. and Samantha Riott are members of the New York City based band Rodenticide.

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  • Final warning: MYRIAID live action tonight in Greenpoint sector.

    June 22nd, 2017

    You cannot resisting!
    myriaid june 22

  • Cheer-Accident, Skryptor, Ancient Remains this Friday in Brooklyn!

    June 19th, 2017

    Very psyched to be hosting this gig.

    (from Chicago, extensive discography going back to the 1980’s with releases on notable labels such as Cuneiform, Skin Graft, etc)

    (new NYC “supergroup” with Dazzling Killmen, craw, STATS, etc members)

    Ancient Remains
    (solo project of Reuben Lorch-Miller, accomplished only child and member of Blanko & Noiry, Nastie Band, etc)

    cheer accident sgg

    RSVP here.
    cheer accident sgg 2

  • Final Boss play Abasement at Max Fish on the Lower East Side tonight!

    June 12th, 2017

    Quite a lineup here:

    final boss abasement 3


    final boss abasement 2

  • Maria Chavez, Final Boss, Adiós Mundo Cruel, and more live in Queens this week…

    June 4th, 2017

    final boss maria chavez adios mundo cruel somali extract

    Maria Chavez

    Somali Extract

    Adiós Mundo Cruel

    Final Boss

    Lower Tar

    at Trans Pecos. RSVP here.

  • EMS + JEM “Back at Home” cassette out now!

    June 4th, 2017

    EMS back at home package

    EMS, known to glossolalians for her synth wizardry in PRIZEHOG, is joined here by Jem of Australian bruisers DEAD for 31 minutes of deep space exploration and skull excavation.

    EMS augments her usual electronic arsenal with sparse and effective percussion for what can only be described as ritualistic friendship questing of the highest order.

    Available now in limited quantities in our store and from finer shops.


    May 27th, 2017

  • ORNAMENT “A Lion is a Lion” release party/Rojava benefit gig Saturday at Park Church Co-op…

    May 26th, 2017

    More info below…