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  • SGG-029 SUR – Dog Daze cassette

    April 20th, 2014

    2013-08-25 10.33.42


    SUR – Dog Daze cassetteĀ 


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    Austin, TX coed power-trio specializing in what comes off as a Seth Brundle-ing of feral atmosphere and rhythmic thud-rock pummel on a molecular level. Imagine Baxter Stockman at work in the Vermiform laboratories.

    Side A
    1. Shadow Puppet
    2. Jail
    3. Rumors
    4. Shut Up
    5. Jaywalk

    Side B
    1. Fox M
    2. King’s Disease
    3. Great Plains
    4. Synesthete

    Released in collaboration with the esteemed Mirror Universe cassette imprint. Edition of 75 copies dubbed on high bias chrome tapes with hand painted and stamped labels. Full color j-cards.