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    April 21st, 2017


  • Final Boss/FRKSE tour kickoff with AZONIC and Blanko & Noiry

    April 7th, 2017

    Sleeping Giant Glossolalia presents…


    Friday, April 14

    AZONIC – orchestral drone from Blind Idiot God, Khanate members
    More info here.

    FRKSE – beat-driven post-industrial from Boston
    New album here.

    FINAL BOSS – NYC bunkerbeat/ritual electroics abuse
    Latest album here.

    BLANKO & NOIRY – multi-generational performance collaborative featuring Chris Kachulis, Frank Haines and Reuben Lorch-Miller whose work is based on mutual interests in ritual, Vaudeville, show tunes, the occult, psychodrama, Viennese Actionism and experimental electronic music.
    More info here.

    Celebrating the commencement of collaborative FRKSE/Final Boss east coast live actions and the release of split recordings.

    1120 Manhattan Avenue

    RSVP and purchase tickets HERE.

  • Final Boss “Mediterranean Diet” video from Ura Nage!

    April 7th, 2017

    Tour with FRKSE starts next weekend here in NYC(dates below). FRKSE/Final Boss split cassette available at the shows!

  • Final Boss & FRKSE East Coast live actions!

    April 4th, 2017


    Paying tolls and taking names…

    April 14 NYC Saint Vitus w/Azonic(Blind Idiot God, Khanate) & Blanko & Noiry

    April 15 Washington DC 16th St House w/ The Wayward

    April 16 Providence Dusk w/Tovarish, Power Monster

    April 17 Philadelphia Pharmacy w/ Drums Like Machine Guns, Cemetery Flowers

    April 18 Boston Studio 550 w/ Homeworld

    FRKSE/Final Boss split cassette available at these shows!

  • Brown Angel Video premiere!

    March 23rd, 2017

    Brown Angel “See That I Am Scourged” video premieres today at Decibel Magazine.

    “It’s similar to watching that TV show Planet Earth if it was made by people who absolutely fucking hated the Earth.”

    Vid the video at our Vimeo channel, which is like an alternate reality MTV where the programming is done right, or depending on who you ask, terribly, terribly wrong.

    Pickup “Shutout”, on beautiful not-quite-clear vinyl including download, from our store.

  • From the desk of FINAL BOSS:

    March 21st, 2017


    “This Saturday Final Boss get unconventional, incorporating a live human behind a drum kit. We’ve imported him from overseas for a demonstration on the limitations and possibilities of organic/synthetic elements when forcibly fused together at high volumes.

    Myriaid, who expertly blend icy and hot, will offer a counter argument utilizing voice, electronics, science, and magic(and presumably, guitar).

    Lawsuits will conclude the proceedings with a discussion on the place of amplified electric guitar in South Brooklyn and the long-term effects close proximity to the tool can have on physical, mental, and financial well-being.

    Any tangible profits attained by the performers will be used to further pursue unhealthy lifestyles and questionable courses of action. Thank you in advance.”

    Saturday March 25
    Gold Sounds
    44 Wilson Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11237

    RSVP here.

  • ORNAMENT “A Lion is a Lion” 12″ available for ordering

    March 9th, 2017


    ORNAMENT “A Lion is a Lion” 12″ SGG-039

    “A Lion is a Lion” is the long-awaited 12″ EP from one half of the founding core lineup of long-running experimentalists/upstarts GROWING.

    Following up his 2015 release Protest Music, Joe DeNardo’s ORNAMENT returns with an EP of expansive soundtracks asking the listener to dream of alternative futures, dystopias, new ways.

    The title takes it’s inspiration from the common Kurdish saying “Şêr şêre çi jine, çi mêre”, a response to questions about the efficacy and equality of revolutionary fighting forces by all genders. We are all equal. We can all fight.

    Keeping with an instrumentation of guitars and electronics, “A Lion is a Lion” performs like a mixtape of six investigation zones, digging into sonic territories and finding rather unstable footings.

    Unique, die-cut LP jackets provide an “interactive” experience for the listener. Strictly limited pressing. Download included.

    Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.48.26 PM

    Procure from our shop HERE.

  • “Your parents must be really proud…” This Saturday, in Brooklyn:

    March 9th, 2017


    CHILD ABUSE – “Hidden in plain sight. Blatant, arrogant, mocking. Makes me sick. All protected no doubt by some higher power”
    “I am horrified. That noise did damage to my soul. So creeped out. Glad I didn’t watch this before bed.” – confused YouTube users

    SILK PURSE – ex Sightings

    GAY CUM DADDIES – “Your parents must really be proud. This no wave/art rock band from Denton, Texas, “spews” squiggly nonsense. If you like your squiggly nonsense “ejaculated” by a four-piece called Gay Cum Daddies, well, hey nerd, I wish you the best. I cannot endorse this cassette with my recommendation.”
    posted by cassette gods at 8:00 AM

    CUTOUT LOVER – Paige Johnson-Brown, Chris Pitsiokos, Andrew Smiley, Henry Fraser, Connor Baker

    8pm 21+

    Don Pedro
    90 Manhattan Ave


    RSVP here.

  • Insect Ark “Portal/Well” available for pre-order!

    February 14th, 2017

    Pre-order Insect Ark “Portal/Well” LP now! Limited edition, hand-numbered, screen printed jackets…

    Insect Ark Portal Well front

    Beginning in New York City in late 2011 as the one-woman solo project of bassist/multi-instrumentalist Dana Schechter (M. Gira’s Angels of Light (Swans)/Bee and Flower, Neurot Recordings), the band became a duo in 2015 with the addition of Portland-based drummer Ashley Spungin (Taurus). Largely instrumental, the band are equally inspired by experimental doom/drone, 60’s horror film soundtracks, psych, and traditional classical composers.

    Creating a personal soundtrack to the human psyche’s underbelly, Insect Ark weaves a brooding, textural landscape, a starless night spiked with light and flash. The music braids together delay-drenched lap steel guitar, acoustic and electronic drums, distorted bass & synths to create a sonic mural both uncomfortably intimate and icy cold.

    You’ve likely encountered Schechter’s large and eclectic body of work through her collaborations with Locrian, Enablers, Gnaw, Wreckmeister Harmonies, her earliest efforts in Gifthorse(with Leviathan/Lurker of Chalice’s Jef Whitehead), or stints with American Music Club and 4AD’s Tarnation. “Portal/Well” delivers on what Pitchfork called Insect Ark’s sense of “metamorphosis, loss, and menacing dream logic” while The Wire has stated that Insect Ark “stand in the lineage of other crypto-metal solo projects – Earth circa Phase 3: Thrones And Dominions, or ex-Earth associate Joe Preston’s project Thrones and that “a spacious, noir-ish jazz elegance permeates, approaching the atmosphere of Germany’s Bohren and Der Club Of Gore.”

    insect ark dana promo

  • We’re putting on another special show in that 100+ year old church in Brooklyn…

    January 28th, 2017

    Sleeping Giant Glossolalia presents:


    Elder Ones

    Elder Ones, the quartet performing the compositions of vocalist Amirtha Kidambi(Seaven Teares/Elizabeth-Caroline Unit), lies nestled in a venn diagram of musical spheres and communities in New York City. Oscillating between worlds of modal, Sufi-like circular grooves and free improvisation to jagged, rhythmic precision and meditative drones, Thyagaraja, Coltrane or Stockhausen could be equally suspected as illegitimate fathers of their sound.

    Tamio Shiraishi/Les Ret

    Tamio Shiraishi was, with Keiji Haino, a founding member of legendary Japanese band Fushitsusha. Les Ret is known for his work with Lake of Dracula, The Flying Luttenbachers, Lydia Lunch, Burmese, Cellular Chaos, Hatewave, etc.


    GRID consists of Tim Dahl(Child Abuse, Lydia Lunch Retrovirus, Barrsheadahl) Nick Podgurski(New Firmament, STATS, Feast of the Epiphany) and Matt Nelson(Premature Burial, Battle Trance, Elder Ones)

    Samantha Riott + Leila Bordreuil

    The spoken word attack of Rodenticide’s Samantha Riott accompanied by cellist and composer Leila Bordreuil

    All this takes place in a 100+ year old church in Brooklyn.

    Friday, February 17 8pm
    all ages welcome
    cash bar for 21+

    Park Church Co-op
    129 Russell Street
    Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY

    RSVP here.

  • ALUK TODOLO + INSECT ARK West Coast Tour & NYC Appearance

    January 3rd, 2017



    Feb 3,4,5 New York – Stardust VI – St Vitus

    Feb 7 Seattle – Highline

    Feb 8 Portland – High Water Mark

    Feb 9 San Francisco – Elbo Room w/ Common Eider King Eider, Alaric

    Feb 10 Sacramento – The Colony

    Feb 11 Los Angeles – the Complex

    ALUK TODOLO (Grenoble, France) is an instrumental power trio performing Occult Rock since 2004. Their music is a methodical exploration of the powers of musical trance. Part occult black metal fiend and part snide kraut menace, the band conjures rabid obsessive rhythms and abyssal disharmonic guitars, subliminal spiritualist vibrations and bizarre, magick summonings. ALUK TODOLO reduces psychedelic improvisation to a bare, telluric instrumentation, in which dry, spare percussion grievously mines the scrapes, shrieks and shimmer of mutated guitar and bass. The band’s sound is monolithic and stabbing, hypnotic but unpredictable, minimalist yet teeming: a dangerous, noxious coil of all things black.

    INSECT ARK is an instrumental doom-psych duo based in NYC / Portland (Dana Schechter – bass, lap steel, synths / Ashley Spungin – drums, synths). Schechter plays/has played with M. Gira’s Angels of Light (Swans), Wrekmeister Harmonies; Ashley Spungin also plays in Taurus. Since the band’s inception in late 2011, Insect Ark have toured internationally, had their music used in feature films, and released 5 records/singles. Pitchfork called their 2015 album “Portal/Well” “vivid and immersive, maintaining a queasy, menacing dream logic”; and the WIRE, “lumbering, thudding bass riffs rise from the pools of droning, keening synths beneath”. A new full-length LP is currently in production for a 2017 release.

    RSVP here.

  • Brown Angel “Shutout” available N O W

    December 16th, 2016


    The odds didn’t favor a new Brown Angel record. Yet, despite a lineup scattered across continents and a 2012 breakup (which ended with a 2013 rapprochement), the Pittsburgh, PA noise-metal trio roar back from the abyss with “Shutout”, their third LP and first for Brooklyn’s Sleeping Giant Glossolalia records. “Shutout” finds Mike Rensland (bass, also of Night Vapor), John Roman (drums, also of Microwaves), and Adam MacGregor (guitar, vocals) shedding most of the melodic trappings of 2013’s “Agonal Harvest”. The trio instead serves up a brief but bracing program rife with gnarled, feedback-soused riffs, martial rhythms and the seismic thrum of Rensland’s bass. Brown Angel’s music remains rooted in early ’90s death metal and grindcore, post-punk, experimental noise, and no wave, while never neglecting a commitment to the song itself. Some new ventures in arrangement – the layered vocals and mellotron in “Coward’s Progress”, and the orchestral percussion and free-jazz blasts that augment “See That I Am Scourged’s” lopsided industrial grind – mirror a focus on solemnity and fugue-like repetition throughout. Like “Lysol” or even “Diver Down” before it, “Shutout” ends with a pair of covers: Chrome’s “Armageddon” and Husker Du’s “Data Control,” which apply similar treatment to those masters’ works to a shattering effect. “Shutout” was recorded and engineered by Jason Jouver (of Don Caballero and Creta Bourzia), at Pittsburgh’s +/- (Plus/Minus) Studio, and mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin.

    Vinyl LP available from our shop.

    Digital version available here.