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  • Brown Angel in NYC with Gnaw, Opening Bell, and more!

    August 4th, 2016

    To celebrate the upcoming release of Brown Angel’s “Shutout” LP, we are hosting the band here in NYC for a very special evening…

    Friday, August 12, SGG presents:

    GNAW – An NYC institution of horrific genre-bending and adventerous, unsettling recording and performance. Ex-Khanate, Ike Yard, OLD, etc

    BROWN ANGEL – “A post-everything trio from Ecuador/Pittsburgh. RIYL noise rock raga, teutonic industrial aesthetic, Hellhammer-grade weaponized dub.”
    New LP “Shutout” out in October on SGG.
    Members of Microwaves, Creation is Crucifixion, Orlop, Torus, Lothal, Night Vapor, Van Halen

    OPENING BELL – 2 boys, 1 girl, 1 bunker, several loud sounds, 0 friends.

    MIND MACHINE – Opponents, Creeplings, La Otracina operatives

    DJ sets by Mike Mare of dälek

    Saint Vitus
    1120 Manhattan Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11222

    Thanks to Alan Dubin for his morning commute graphic design multitasking which resulted in this appropriately disturbing visual accompaniment:


    RSVP here.

  • That’s a wrap on BEAT THE BELL TOUR!

    August 4th, 2016

    That’s a wrap on Action Beat + G.W. Sok/Opening Bell U.S. tour! Thanks to friends, new and old, for making this month a constant barn-burner. Too good!

    Here is the crew celebrating one final night in Queens, before heading home on planes & trains…FullSizeRender 2

    From the desk of our man G.W. Sok, as tour comes to a close:

    “USA, DAY TWENTYFOURFIVESIX (July 24-25-26th)… After finishing our 23-shows-in-23-days US tour of Action Beat + G.W. Sok together with fellow-travelers NY-trio Opening Bell, we straightaway went into the studio for three days to record a new album… The 3&ahalf new songs which we “practised” during the tour, plus 6&ahalf new ones which we coughed up on the spot, with most lyrics written during the tour… After less than two days we were ready… What happened!… Most stuff done in one, two takes, a few small repairs, and BAM!… By the end of Monday evening faster-than-a-speeding-bullet-engineer Seth of the magnificent Machines With Magnets studios in Providence RI, was ready with the mix… Today, Tuesday 26th, it’s 12 AM: our eyes are closed (a little sleepy perhaps?) and our EARS WIDE OPEN (fully awake, yes!) while we listen to the gawddamn AMAZING result… Yeeeee-Haaaawww!… TOUR DOGS Special delivery straight from heavenly hell… that is: New York, Philly, Washington DC, Baltimore, Richmond, Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Atlanta, Birmingham, New Orleans, Houston, Austin, Dallas… that’s us, fellas… traveling around in the Underground Scenery of Anothermerica One drummer missing, arrested in the UK, tour hasn’t even started yet… then sun blasts, heavy rains, and a series of seriously t-r-o-u-b-l-e-d vans long drives, short drives… and all the time loading in, loading out, waiting, soundcheck, playtime… yes food, no food, fast food, slow food… yes sleep no sleep, roads roads roads and more ROADS… One troubled van now unsurprisingly unsurrealistically fucked up… think fast, think not, burn rubber, on the double one apartment, one floor, seven bodies, and dogbeds, two sleeping-bags, and one family flee couch… juice, water, beer, weed, coffee, “coffee”… bagel, burger, donut, diner… Smelly clothes, a stolen backpack, occasional showers, a van-change, a smelly shirt change one guitarist heading home, due to family illness… and then there were six… and too much change in the pocket, fuck it a traffic jam? terrific man and meanwhile trouble in the US of A a certain kind of malice in Atlanta, Baton Rouge, Dallas… we’re just passing through, though, but we’re concerned, and worried, and so are the people we meet and yes, this music IS bringing us together… for worse, or better… rough, hypnotic, jagged a noisy, chaotic, vital racket… with sometimes even louder miles per hour… who cares, hurray… hear! hear!… and we’re only HALFWAY here… and so, what’s left?… right! Kansas City, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Binghamton, Portland, Boston, Providence… unlock your ears, and hear it come, for here it comes… the amazing noise of the Bletchley Boys… Tour dogs! (misprint, baby: tour gods…) ”

    MORE SOON from Action Beat, GW Sok, & Opening Bell so…watch…this…space!!



  • “On Sound” compilation for Canyon Cinemazine

    June 30th, 2016


    We were thrilled to be asked by the esteemed Canyon Cinemazine to put together a compilation to coincide with their special issue devoted to sound. Canyon Cinemazine is an impeccably well executed endeavor and is very clearly a labor of love. As such, we’ve curated an appropriately special collection of music. Exploring the relationship between adventurous filmmaking and experimental audio recording, On Sound features unreleased and rare material from an eclectic and far-reaching assortment of artists from around the world.


    1. Bobb Bruno – “Shut Ins” 05:14

    2. Anthony Di Franco “Atmospheres” 05:36

    3. MjolniirDXP “Erosion The Owl” 10:56

    4. Mons Meg “Drying Out” 13:35

    5. New Firmament “Complete Before Light” 09:02

    6. Quttinirpaaq “Lifestyles USSA” 11:02

    7. The Stumps “Brave New World” 10:08

    8. Fill Jackson Heights “Roosevelt” 06:39

    9. Nassau Coliseum “Linguafœda” 11:44

    10. A.M. “Take My Tide” 03:12

    11. Les Temps Barbares “Medusa” 11:18

    12. Final Boss “Break North” 02:44

    13. Bonnie Mercer “I Wish I Might” 07:11

    14. Bludded Head “Life’s Work” 08:42

    15. Ornament “Feel Free” 04:41

    16. Equine “Zaueril mit Talerschwengen” 05:02

    17. Dim Wist “Future Rickshaw” 05:43

    18. Paintings of Windows “Pines” 07:39

    19. Ernest Gibson “Overlocale” 01:54

    Canyon Cinemazine no.3 contains a download of the album. A cassette edition is forthcoming.



  • Before Multicult, there was The Wayward…and there still is!

    June 27th, 2016

    wayward opening bell

    Multicult fans tend to really go all in when loving the band. There doesn’t seem to much casual listenership in that camp. It’s more of a rabid devotion. As such, we’d be remiss in failing to report that Nick Skrobisz is very much active in The Wayward, the similarly unorthodox and pummeling band he started many years ago with his brother Jesse Skrobisz and Nathan Simms. The band is doing an East Coast jaunt with Radiation Blackbody and we’re happy to report that the Action Beat + GW Sok/Opening Bell tour crosses paths with them for two shows in DC and Baltimore on July 3 and 4. Fireworks indeed.

    Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 4.06.02 PM

  • Beat the Bell Tour 2016

    June 25th, 2016

    Action Beat(UK, now fronted by GW Sok of Dutch legends THE EX) touring the U.S. with NYC’s OPENING BELL – dates and RSVP below..



    Action Beat are an improvisational noise rock act from Bletchley UK who usually perform with 1-4 drummers and an inordinate amount of guitarists, now fronted by GW Sok of Dutch post-punk legends THE EX. They began playing together in 2004, and have played over 600 shows throughout Europe, releasing work through noteworthy labels such as Southern Records. This is their first U.S.Tour.

    “A Remarkable Machine, the new collaboration between British noiserockers Action Beat and G.W. Sok – frontman of legendary Dutch postpunks the Ex – is the rare album that’s so intense that you can only listen to it once all the way through without taking a break. Some people will take one a lot earlier. It’ll clear a room in less than a minute. That’s why it’s so awesome…. To say that this is the best album or most whatever album of the year is beside the point: it’s in a class by itself and will probably someday be regarded as a classic, at least by the people who can stand to listen to it for more than a few minutes at a time.” – New York Music Daily

    G..W. SOK

    G.W. Sok (born 1957, real name Jos Kleij) is a Dutch singer, best known for his 30 year career as the frontman of the The Ex. G.W. Sok left The Ex in 2008 to focus on a solo career and collaboration projects with other musicians, participation in theatre performances and spoken word performances. Apart from his musical career he’s also active as a writer and a graphic designer. After leaving The Ex, Sok started to collaborate with several acts among which the French experimental free jazz band Cannibales & Vahinés and the Italian band Zu. In 2010 the single “2-2-3 Fridges/Rid” appeared on Sickroom Records. He joined the Dutch collective Beukorkest on their 2011 tour. In 2011 Sok released the book A Mix of Bricks & Valentines, a 400 page collection of The Ex lyrics and other lyrics he wrote. Also in 2011 De Eeuwige Optie (The Everlasting Option) was published, an experimental film by SpOp featuring Sok as an actor. He also wrote the words for the film’s ending track “Illusies”. This track was also released as the 7 inch “Illusies 1 & 2″ under the bandname Zoikle, consisting of Sok, guitarist Lukas Simonis, cellist Nina Hitz, drummer Cor Hoogerdijk and Maarten van Gent on metal percussion. King Champion Sounds arises from the ashes of the band that was called The Bent Moustache, the musical act of Krommenie-based, Kenya-born, UK-raised Ajay Saggar. This incarnation sees Saggar teaming up with, amongst others, Oli Heffernan (Year of Birds, Shrug) and G.W.Sok. In 2014 he published a double 10” with the UK noise act Action Beat.



    Opening Bell are a three-piece from NYC whose members have collectively performed and recorded in countless underground bands over the years and have accumulated too many touring miles to count throughout too many parts of the world to remember. This project has them exploring new realms of challenging sound while maintaining footing in the worlds of heavy, meditative, and electronic musics.

    -Friday July 1 – Brooklyn – Acheron w/ Dälek, The Austerity Program
    -Saturday July 2 – Philadelphia – The Pharmacy
    -Sunday July 3 – Washington, DC – The Pinch w/ Suppression, Radiation Blackbody, The Wayward, Drugs of Faith
    -Monday July 4 – Baltimore – Asian Taste w/ The Wayward(Multicult members)
    -Tuesday July 5 – Richmond – Strange Matter w/ Conflation
    -Wednesday July 6 – Charlotte – Snug Harbor w/ Power-Take-Off
    -Thursday July 7 – Wilmington – Scrap Iron Bicycle Gallery
    -Friday July 8 – Atlanta – The Basement w/ Bang Trim, Cave Bat
    -Saturday July 9 – Birmingham – Spring Street Firehouse
    -Sunday July 10 – New Orleans – Circle Bar w/ Sunsrise:Sunset, Druids
    -Monday July 11 – Houston – Notsuoh w/ Rusted Shut, Rough Sleepers(ex Balaclavas)
    -Tuesday July 12 – Austin – Barracuda w/ Quttinirpaaq, Coma in Algiers
    -Wednesday July 13 – Dallas – Texas Theatre w/ Most Efficient Women
    -Thursday July 14 – Kansas City – Record Bar(miniBar)
    -Friday July 15 – Chicago – The Burlington w/ ONO
    -Saturday July 16 – Detroit – Trinosophes
    -Sunday July 17 – Cleveland – Now That’s Class
    -Monday July 18 – Pittsburgh – Belvedere’s w/ Microwaves, Come Holy Spirit
    -Tuesday July 19 – Buffalo – Dreamland Arts
    -Wednesday July 20 – Binghamton – The Brass Rail w/ 100% Black
    -Thursday July 21 – Portland – Empire w/ Mouth Washington
    -Friday July 22 – Boston – The Record Company w/ Neptune, Mothertongue
    -Saturday July 23 – Providence – Machines with Magnets w/ Neptune, Blevin Blectum

    RSVP here.







  • INSECT ARK West Coast Tour Dates

    May 9th, 2016

    Insect Ark West Coast tour with Ärabrot, Helen Money – May 11-19


    insect ark promo

    Wed 5/11 Seattle, WA – The Highline
    Thur 5/12 Vancouver, BC – The Media Club
    Fri 5/13 Tacoma, WA – The Valley
    Sat 5/14 Portland, OR – Panic Room
    Tue 5/17 Sacramento, CA – Starlite Lounge
    Wed 5/18 Oakland, CA – Golden Bull
    Thur 5/19 Los Angeles, CA – Complex

  • This Friday!

    April 21st, 2016

    Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 3.53.24 PM

    Your Friday night gets blasted by NIGHT VAPOR(members of Brown Angel and Microwaves) with local support from Opening Bell and Chain Gang Grave.

    9pm if you want to live.

    90 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn NY


  • Insect Ark live actions this spring

    April 12th, 2016

    Insect Ark castleSeveral Insect Ark live actions on the immediate horizon. Take note:

    April 12 at Acheron, Brooklyn w/ Netherlands, Bassoon, Obsessive Discipline RSVP

    April 21 at Union Pool, Brooklyn w/ E(members of Come, Live Skull, Karate, Neptune) & Dan Friel RSVP

    May 29 at Saint Vitus, Brooklyn w/ Nadja, Overishins(members of Oldest, Mossenek)

    and West Coast tour dates to be announced!


  • The Convocation – Ornament – Opening Bell – Myriaid in Brooklyn on April 2

    March 29th, 2016

    SGG brings you:

    The Convocation (Baltimore, MD) – Moss Icon, The Great Unraveling, Universal Order of Armageddon, etc

    Ornament – Joe DeNardo of Growing
    “Protest Music” out now on iDeal Recordings, “A Lion is a Lion” out this spring on Sleeping Giant Glossolalia

    Myriaid – new mutation from the Columboid camp, ex- VAZ 

    Opening Bell – “…tripped out battery acid washed sludge/bastardized bunkerbeat..”


    RSVP here.

    200 N. 14TH St. Brooklyn, NY, 11249

    Formed in 1998 by drummer George France, guitarist/ vocalist Tonie Joy (formerly of Moss Icon, Universal Order of Armageddon, & Born Against) and original bassist Guy Blakeslee (now spearheading The Entrance Band in LA.); the three originally known as The Convocation “Of…” set out to create a unique yet subconscious take on the heavy rock power trio, one that “…epitomizes the union of ancient and futuristic urges”.

    By 2002, after releasing a debut 12″ EP. and full length LP on GSL Records as well as a 2nd LP on Tigerstyle, and embarking on numerous North American tours, Blakeslee left to form Entrance.

    After sporadic activity with various bassists (Jason Stevens, Chris Camden, and Matt Hall) and having a 7″ released by Gravity Records, The Convocation is again working in full time mode with bassist Donny Van Zandt (an early member of Pinback) making forward-thinking, speculative rock.




  • Aquarius Records weighs in on “Enforcer” by Final Boss

    March 28th, 2016

    A very nice review of Final Boss “Enforcer” from the excellent aQuarius recOrds:

    “….like the feral cries of a sentient machine, trying desperately to communicate, its staticky transmissions gloriously garbled, a series of tranced out anti-grooves and crumbling, blackened creeps. It’s a beautiful, and baffling barrage of DIY electro-noise minimalism and WTF negative beat science.”

    Read the full review right here, along with a slew of others, and please support awesome, hardworking, unique shops like aQ!

  • Obsolete formats are disappearing

    March 28th, 2016

    Just a heads-up that many of our limited edition cassette releases, as well as a few special distributed titles, are once again available but going fast! Don’t sleep on the opportunity to pick them up from the shop. Thanks for the continued support and watch this space for news on several exciting new releases, in the works now!

    mjolniir dxp st aminamemory holePrizehog low freqtapekrallice diotima

  • Hope everyone is ready for an early thaw….

    March 9th, 2016

    …..because this one is really bringing the heat.


    The enigmatic Richard Papiercuts, the mutated jangle of Lame Drivers, the NYC-via-Australia beatdown that is Wilful Boys, the touring from Texas Unknown Relatives and the chain-rattling murk & menace of Nassau Coliseum all come together this Thursday in Brooklyn for a real barn burner of a bill.

    Don’t leave your cheese out in the wind. RSVP here.