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  • Multicult on tour in August & September! Select dates with VAZ!

    August 8th, 2017

    multicult aug sept

    Multicult covering lots of ground in August and September! A couple dates with VAZ, even! Many solid lineups here, take a look:

    8/22 Los Angeles @ Zebulon w/ VAZ, Prissy Whip
    8/23 San Francisco @ Hemlock w/ MOUTH, PRAYING
    8/24 Oakland @ Golden Bull w/ Reptoid, Surplus 1980
    8/25 Portland @ Kenton Club w/ MAXIMUM MAD, Law Boss
    8/26 Seattle @ Victory Lounge w/ Dry T-Shirt Contest, Glose, Voycheck
    8/29 Des Moines @ Vaudeville Mews w/ BLOOD SPELL, Gleaner
    8/30 St Louis @ Foam w/ Yowie, Vincas, Concentrator
    8/31 Minneapolis @ Triple Rock w/ Gay Witch Abortion, VAZ, Vincas, TONGUE PARTY
    9/1 Detroit @ UFO Factory w/ Child Bite, Vincas
    9/2 Nashville @ Blackbird Tattoo w/ Husband stitch, Vincas
    9/3 Austin @ Beerland w/ Vincas, SUPER THIEF, Art Acevedo, Pfisters
    9/4 San Antonio @ Limelight w/ Spokesmodel
    9/22 Washington DC @ St. Stephens w/ Pageninetynine, Majority Rule, H O M O S U P E R I O R
    9/29 Pittsburgh @ Mr. Roboto Project w/ Majority Rule, Soul Glo, LIFES, Mere Phantoms