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  • SGG-018 MjolniirDXP – The WFMU Aktion

    January 23rd, 2012


    MjolniirDXP – The WFMU Aktion cassette


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    “…stirs the gloom pot up quite a bit.. a suite that veers from LAFMS/Chrome/VDO territory, into cannibal-chomp Italo horror-synth melody, and finally into full-on, Esoteric-style doom….”Yog Sothoth!” I will now ceremoniously eat the eyeball of a dead, mad nun in homage.” – My Castle Of Quiet

    -Engineered by Jason Sigal(Home Blitz, Lame Drivers)

    – Handmade wrap-around sleeves with paranoid satellite-view visuals.

    -Limited edition.

    -Recorded at WFMU Studios