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  • “Your parents must be really proud…” This Saturday, in Brooklyn:

    March 9th, 2017


    CHILD ABUSE – “Hidden in plain sight. Blatant, arrogant, mocking. Makes me sick. All protected no doubt by some higher power´╗┐”
    “I am horrified. That noise did damage to my soul. So creeped out. Glad I didn’t watch this before bed.´╗┐” – confused YouTube users

    SILK PURSE – ex Sightings

    GAY CUM DADDIES – “Your parents must really be proud. This no wave/art rock band from Denton, Texas, “spews” squiggly nonsense. If you like your squiggly nonsense “ejaculated” by a four-piece called Gay Cum Daddies, well, hey nerd, I wish you the best. I cannot endorse this cassette with my recommendation.”
    posted by cassette gods at 8:00 AM

    CUTOUT LOVER – Paige Johnson-Brown, Chris Pitsiokos, Andrew Smiley, Henry Fraser, Connor Baker

    8pm 21+

    Don Pedro
    90 Manhattan Ave


    RSVP here.